A daredevil climbed this 225-metre London skyscraper – with no ropes

You know it’s not your average September morning when you’re sitting at your desk on the fourteenth floor and witness a man crawling up the window. 

That was the case for many people who work in the Leadenhall Building (also known as The Cheesegrater) in London at about 9am on Friday 22 September, when a man described by the Evening Standard as a ‘topless daredevil’ began his ascent.

The free-climber, who didn’t even bother attaching himself with any ropes, attempted to scale the Cheesegrater in just his shorts (and shoes). Footage was obviously captured and plastered all over social media. 

However, it was hardly a successful 225-metre climb, as the mysterious dude was caught by City of London Police, who swiftly cordoned off the building and waited on the roof to arrest him for ‘aggravated trespass[ing].’

No one seems to know who the guy is, nor why he fancied such a daring challenge on a Friday morning – for now, his motivation remains a mystery. 

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