A second Superloop bus route might be coming to London

Alright, hold onto your Oyster cards, because London’s transport scene might be gearing up for a potential arrival of Superloop 2. The original Superloop, an express bus route connecting the capital’s suburban town centres, is already proving popular and was only launched this year. 

So, what’s the scoop? Well, it’s all part of the plan from the mayor to give Londoners more options to get from A to B. We’re talking about not just one or two new routes, but a whole bunch of them. And get this – the plans are to also introduce a ‘Bakerloop‘ service as an alternative to the Bakerloo line.

Check out the proposed routes:

So, Londoners, what do you reckon? Could Superloop 2 be the answer to our commuting troubles, or is it just wishful thinking? With speculation swirling and consultations underway, we’re itching to see if this ambitious plan will become a reality.

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