Celeb favourite Notting Hill pub taken to court by local residents

The Pelican – a Notting Hill pub which was relaunched under new management in 2022 – has faced a legal challenge from local residents.

A group of nine locals called for the posh gastro boozer on All Saints Road to have its license reviewed, alleging that the pub has been undermining the prevention of public nuisance and public safety and will some saying in last years review that they had to sleep with earplugs due to the sound of people talking outside the pub.

The likes of Princess Eugenie and David Walliams have been spotted drinking at The Pelican, which also has a high end dining menu, serving bone marrow with parsley as well as a lobster and monkfish pie for £90. The pub was built in the 1870s and was rebranded The Red Lemon in 2014, before returning to its original name. 

New measures have now been put in place due to the concerns of locals, reports The Evening Standard. Pub regular Dua Lipa might just be into the new rules however, which state that customers will no longer be able to drink and eat outside the pub after 9pm. No drinkers will be allowed to stand outside the pub on cross street Tavistock Road, and they will also need more bouncers at weekends. There will also be a new street warden patrolling the premises on Thursday until Saturday between 10pm and 12.30am, making sure all patrons have left. 

The Pelican’s owners have accepted a number of the new conditions but have also appealed others. There will be a three day hearing at Westminster magistrates’ court this July where they will appeal. Barrister James Rankin, who represented the bar at last year’s review, said a pub has existed in this location under various guises for hundreds of years and though he accepted that locals may have been disturbed by the noise, their concerns do not trump everything.

The pub – which is open until midnight every night apart from Sunday – also runs hypnotherapy workshops and life drawing classes.

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