First look: the Piccadilly Line’s new air-conditioned, driverless trains

Londoners have been begging for air-conditioning on the tube since before even that pink sports car was parked outside Kings Cross station. Little by little, our prayers are being answered, with cool air being blasted into one service at a time. Next up: the Piccadilly Line. The brand-new futuristic Piccadilly Line trains have been revealed, and they’re being tested for service right now. 

Ninety-four spanking new trains are due to enter service in London in 2025. With an increased capacity of ten percent and walk-through air-conditioned carriages, the new trains have improved accessibility and are more energy efficient. They are currently undergoing driverless trials in Germany and were also spotted in Austria (they were made in a factory in Vienna). 

Driverless trains do sound a little nerve-wracking, but don’t worry. Officials said there were currently no plans to operate the locomotives sans drivers on the London Underground, and that the trials are simply a ‘futureproofing’ exercise. A switch to automated trains would require huge changes to the tube’s infrastructure, including new computerised signals. A mammoth overhaul like that would also likely be widely opposed by unions. 

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said: ‘Ensuring London’s transport network keeps up with the demands of our great city means continually improving and updating our infrastructure.

‘These new trains will transform travel on the Piccadilly Line, making them more comfortable for passengers and improving people’s daily journeys.’

To that we say, bring on the AC!

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