Gail’s bakery is planning a drive-thru in London

While drive-thrus used to be strictly reserved for the likes of burgers, fries and nugs, nowadays you can get them for all kinds of things. You’ve got Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, and now even Gail’s is getting in on the action. The bougie bakery chain is opening its first drive-thru in London. 

Despite the fact that most Londoners don’t own cars, some lucky people will soon be able to pick up their sourdough, poppy-seed muffins and oat flat white without leaving the comfort of their personal vehicle. 

The grand opening of the Gail’s drive-thru could still be a way off, though: the bakery is currently searching for sites of between 2,000 sq ft and 4,000 sq ft with space for at least 20 cars across London. It’s hoping to secure ten locations within the next year. 

Tom Molnar, Gail’s founder, said: ‘We are first and foremost a bakery, so it’s about the kitchen, and then if we have space for seating, we will add it in. We are always experimenting with new formats as it allows us to take advantage of different real estate opportunities that present themselves.’

Get in, loser: we’re going to Gail’s!

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