Good news for Soho – Trisha’s has been saved!

Fans of Soho lore and drinking in excellent places, we’ve got excellent news: Trisha’s is no longer at threat of being shut down.

The Greek Street club recently made headlines after Westminster Council applied for a licence review, stating that the bar was being investigated due to complaints from local residents and customers. They added that there was an incidence of overcrowding when an inspector visited the bar and that those that run Trisha’s failed to produce CCTV footage when asked.

However, last week a hearing by Westminster Council’s licensing sub-committee stated that Trisha’s – named in honour of landlady Trisha Bergonzi and officially called The New Evaristo Club – would remain open. However, the bar’s licence has been temporarily suspended for 14 days, as of July 6.

During those two weeks the bar’s management have been asked to make a number of improvements to the club, including implementing a digital members’ list, improving security and offering more robust staff training. It is also reported that Trisha Bergonzi will no longer be the bar’s licence holder. 

The Evening Standard attended the hearing, reporting that Daniel Bergonzi of the bar called the two week suspension ‘not too bad’.

In a statement sent to the Evening Standard, local councillor Aicha Less said: ‘This decision gives Trisha’s sufficient time to make the necessary changes set out by the licensing sub-committee to ensure the venue can operate safely and legally.

‘The committee has considered legitimate concerns raised about safety from residents, the police and city inspectors but has also taken into account the willingness from the owner to make changes to preserve a historic Soho venue and unique part of Westminster’s heritage.’

Trisha’s, 57 Greek St, W1D 3DX

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