Heads up: From this weekend, Primrose Hill will be closed at night

In London we’re blessed will several world class parks. It’s part of what makes this city so special – wherever you go there is that effortless blend of the natural and urban which you don’t get in many other places. We’ve all got our favourite green spaces, and if yours is Primrose Hill (specifically after dark), we’ve got some bad news. 

From tomorrow (April 5) Primrose Hill park will be closed between 10pm and 6am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, likely until the end of summer. This policy is not new, having been put in place initially to curb anti-social behaviour and reduce disturbances from late night party-goers for local residents.

A survey conducted in May 2023 by the Royal Parks Association discovered that no one could agree on what to do with the park. 23 percent of the respondents, most of whom were nearby home-owners, said that Primrose Hill should only be locked under exceptional circumstances, like for safety in bad weather. A further 23 percent said that it should never be locked. Almost the exact same number, 22 percent, wanted its gates closed every evening from 10pm to 5am. Only 13 percent of voters wanted the park shut on weekend evenings, so naturally that is what was decided. 

Last year, just after the survey was conducted, one volunteer on the Primrose Hill Keepers group said the question of to close or not to close had ‘shredded the community.’ She described the debate as ‘nasty, bitter and divisive.’

The temporary fencing that is used at the park’s nine entrances was also routinely destroyed last year, leading to the council applying for planning permission to install more permanent fences in their place. Clearly, this is a sensitive topic for the people of Camden borough, so be gentle when broaching the topic with any of your north London friends. 

At present, no changes are being made to the park’s opening hours during the week or during the day, and you can still enjoy your tinnies on the grass after work without disruption.

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