Here’s the full list of Notting Hill Carnival road closures in London you need to know

It’s not long until west London will be filled with the vibrations of bassy music, the delicious smells of Caribbean food and the soft hissing sound of thousands of Red Stripes being opened. That’s right, Notting Hill Carnival is almost here. Inevitably, with the massive parade, all the street vendors, soundsystems and thousands of people, there are going to be some road closures and travel restrictions. Don’t fret, though. We’ve created a handy guide on how to get around west London during the carnival. 

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There will be a number of roads closed from 6am on Sunday August 27 until 6am on Tuesday August 29 in Kensington and Chelsea, and in Westminster.

Here is the full list of closed roads in west London. 

  • Aldridge Road Villas
  • Alexander Street
  • Alexandra Mews
  • Alfred Road
  • Artesian Road
  • Bishop’s Bridge Road from Porchester Road to Westbourne Grove
  • Botts Mews
  • Bridstow Place
  • Chepstow Road
  • Courtnell Street
  • Durham Terrace
  • Elgin Avenue between Harrow Road and Chippenham Road
  • Fermoy Road
  • Great Western Road
  • Harrow Road from Ladbroke Grove to Great Western Road
  • Hatherley Grove
  • Hereford Road
  • Hormead Road
  • Kildare Gardens
  • Kildare Terrace
  • Lancaster Road
  • Leamington Road Villas
  • Ledbury Road
  • Monmouth Place
  • Monmouth Road
  • Moorhouse Road
  • Newton Road
  • Northumberland Place
  • Queensway between Westbourne Grove and Porchester Road (access will be allowed into Queensway from Bayswater Road to allow access to parking)
  • Redan Place
  • Shrewsbury Mews
  • Shrewsbury Road
  • St Luke’s Road
  • St Stephen’s Crescent
  • St Stephen’s Gardens
  • St Stephen’s Mews
  • Sutherland Place
  • Sutherland Terrace
  • Talbot Road
  • Tavistock Crescent
  • Tavistock Road
  • Wellington Close
  • Westbourne Gardens
  • Westbourne Grove
  • Westbourne Grove Terrace
  • Westbourne Park Road
  • Westbourne Park Villas
  • Woodfield Place
  • Woodfield Road

There will also be some restrictions to tube stations around west London, and the Central line is expected to be very, very busy. 

Here are all the tube station closures:

  • Ladbroke Grove – closed
  • Latimer Road – will close at 11.30pm, and is subject to closures when busy
  • Notting Hill Gate – will be exit only and no District or Circle Line from 11am to 6pm on carnival days. This station may also close briefly if too busy
  • Westbourne Park – will be exit only from 11am to 6pm and close at 11.30pm. It’s advised you use other stations where possible as it will be extremely busy
  • Holland Park – will be exit only from 11am until it closes at 3pm
  • Royal Oak – will be exit only from 11am until it closes at 6pm

You can find more information on the TfL website here.

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