Is London’s World Naked Bike Ride... legal?

Whether you’re an avid participant in the World Naked Bike Ride (on June 10 this year, fyi) or just a bewildered onlooker, there’s no denying that it’s a particularly, erm, eye-catching protest. In any case, its planet-friendly, bicycle-first goals are stuff plenty of us can get behind.

But have you ever wondered… how come it’s legal? After all, isn’t nudity typically banned in public in the UK?

Well, as explained on the London Naked Bike Ride website, there isn’t actually a blanket ban on public nudity in England. While nudity is illegal if it’s intentionally used to harass, alarm or cause distress, if you aren’t doing any of that, it’s perfectly legal. 

In other words, because the London Naked Bike Ride is simply a nude protest, it isn’t illegal at all. In fact, the organisers often work closely with the police throughout the ride. However, to make extra sure that participants don’t stray into breaking the law, organisers encourage people to only remain nude for the duration of the ride.

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