It’s official: Britain’s 10 most expensive roads are all in London

It’s news to pretty much no-one that London is a very spenny place to live, work and visit. In recent months alone we at Time Out have covered Bond Street being named one of the world’s dearest shopping streets, the city having the UK’s most expensive steak, EC being Britain’s highest-earning postcode and Clapham becoming the first UK neighbourhood with an average income of £100,000

There’s a lot of cash floating about. So it’s no surprise to hear that London is home to many of the UK’s most expensive roads. In fact, in a recent list by Halifax, all ten of the most expensive roads in the country are to be found in the capital. 

Top of the bunch came Grosvenor Square in Mayfair, which has long been a favourite of the rich and famous – and was even once home to Oscar Wilde. Apparently the average house price on Grosvenor Square is a whopping £20.3 million. Sheesh. 

Second came Clarendon Road in Notting Hill, with an average price tag of £19.96 million, while third was Knightsbridge, with an average of £19.95 million. 

Here’s the full list of the top ten most expensive streets in London (and the UK), plus the average house price. 

  1. Grosvenor Square (£20,347,000)
  2. Clarendon Road (£19,963,000)
  3. Knightsbridge (£19,949,000)
  4. Phillimore Gardens (£19,113,000)
  5. Ilchester Place (£17,678,000)
  6. Grosvenor Crescent (£16,397,000)
  7. Ashburton Place (£15,048,000)
  8. The Little Boltons (£14,925,000)
  9. Chepstow Villas (£14,775,000)
  10. Chelsea Square (£14,666,000) 

You can find out more about Halifax’s study on a nationwide level here.

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