London has been named Europe’s best destination to visit this year

London is no stranger to rankings of the best cities in the world. In the last few months alone our city has topped one poll and come tenth in another – and we, of course, wholeheartedly agree. C’mon, we’re Time Out London: obvs we think this place is the bee’s knees.

The latest to sing the capital’s praises is TripAdvisor, which has just named London Europe’s top destination to visit this year, and the third-best place to visit in the entire world.

Those rankings come as part of the first Travellers’ Choice Awards of 2024, which ranked destinations based on the quality and quantity of reviews on TripAdvisor. London thrived in the ‘Travellers’ Favourite Spots’ category, where it beat the likes of Paris, Rome and Barcelona in the Europe list and was only beaten by Bali and Dubai in the global one.

Hyping up our capital, TripAdvisor said: ‘From Shoreditch’s swaggering style to Camden’s punky vibe and chic Portobello Road, London is many worlds in one.

‘Explore royal or historic sites, tick off landmarks from your bucket list, eat and drink in exclusive Michelin-starred restaurants, enjoy a pint in a traditional pub, or get lost down winding cobbled streets and see what you stumble across – when it comes to London, the possibilities are endless.’

Jolly nice of them to say – and who are we to disagree? 2024 is set to be an exciting year for London and the city is getting loads of exciting new stuff, from restaurants to theatre shows and art exhibitions.

You can check out TripAdvisor’s full list of ‘Travellers’ Favourite Spots’ here and see which destinations the platform says are trending for 2024 here.

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