London has been named one of the world’s best cities for luxury shopping

London isn’t just a city of incredible thrift stores, small independent businesses and markets – it also knows how to do bombastic luxury shopping. And that’s very much been in the spotlight recently. Just last weekend, we covered the news that Bond Street has been named one of the most expensive retail destinations in the world

And now, unsurprisingly, London has officially been named one of the best cities in the world for splashing the cash on designer brands. The capital ranked at number seven on a list of the planet’s ten best cities for luxury shopping, which was curated by Lartisien

London has an abundance of choice when it comes to high-end retail therapy. According to Lartisien, the city has 112 luxury stores (is that it?), 10 percent of which are made up by Armani. However, a whole host of world-famous designers founded their brands in London, such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney, and their flagship stores are likely a big draw for luxury magpies. 

Our city also has iconic department stores like Harrods and Liberty, which are not only two of London’s most famous shops but  landmarks in their own right. 

Certain streets have been highlighted as great luxury shopping destinations. Bond Street is considered one of the top three best luxury streets in the world by 69 percent of participants of Walpole’s London Luxury Survey, but Savile Row, the Royal Exchange and Chelsea are all go-to spots of high-end shopping, too.

But London’s reputation doesn’t just rely on the shops. The UK capital is one of the ‘big-four’ fashion capitals of the world, alongside Paris, Milan, and New York, and it of course hosts Fashion Week every year. The city’s luxury sector could apparently be worth £28-30 million by 2024. 

You can read Lartisien’s ranking for yourself here

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