Marina Abramović is doing a rare live performance at the Royal Academy next week

Performances by Marina Abramović, the unrivalled queen of performance art, have been rare in recent years. She hasn’t been in the best of health, so she’s left the big feats of endurance to trusted performers from her very own institute, all of whom you can see doing their thing in the Royal Academy’s big current Abramović exhibition which opened this autumn. 

But she’s just announced, via Instagram, that she’ll be conducting a one-off public participation performance in the RA courtyard on December 11. It’s called ‘An Invitation To Love Unconditionally’, and she wants people ‘to come together in a moment of stillness and togetherness’, she says. She then follows up that call for tranquility by saying ‘it’s immediate. It’s urgent. Be there’. Which is slightly mixed messaging, isn’t it Marina. What do you want, stillness or urgency? Urgent stillness isn’t a thing unless you’re being hunted by something that can only sense movement, like the T-Rex in Jurassic Park. Not sure dinosaur science fiction is Marina’s vibe though.

Anyway, the event is free, but booking is essential and opens at 3pm on December 7. So it really is urgent. 

Book for ‘An Invitation To Love Unconditionally’ right here. It’s on December 11 at the Royal Academy of Art. 

While you’re there, go see the big Marina Abramović exhibition too

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