In London , the possibility of enjoying does not depend solely on the value of the British pound, since this city offers many free activities to do.

There are so many options that here we propose these activities and visits that you can do in London without spending anything .

Ah! and for being free they are not less interesting than any other paid activity. If you don’t believe it, check out the following possible plans. Free things you can do in London

Discover the British Museum

You can take advantage of the fact that entry to one of the oldest museums in the world is free. It is good to go early, as it has many rooms that are worth visiting, including the Ancient Egypt .

Don’t miss the National Gallery

It is the main art museum in London . It has a significant number of European paintings by multiple authors such as Van Gogh, Da Vinci and Velázquez .

Relax in Hyde Park

In London you can also enjoy contact with nature , walking through one of the largest parks in the city. Recommended when the weather in London cooperates and it is not raining.

Admire the Tower Bridge

You can cross this drawbridge over the River Thames , one of the most representative monuments in London. You can also go up to the exhibition that includes a glass walkway with incredible views, but in that case you will have to pay entrance (more info. On the Tower Bridge page )

Stop by Houses of Parliament

The Parliament of London is a World Heritage Site, and can be appreciated from the outside. No visit to London can leave this sight out.

Find a concert at The National Theater

You can attend a concert for free . This theater is located on South Bank, London. You can enter the official page to see the agenda.

Be part of the BBC audience

You can organize yourself in advance and attend as a public the recording of a program on this famous communication network.

Covent Garden Market © Euqirneto –

Visit Covent Garden

Stroll through the beautiful neighborhood, visit its market and its surroundings.

Hallucinate with Piccadilly Circus

Various shops, bars, nightclubs, the Criterion Theater , the London Pavilion and other places of interest coexist in its streets , as well as the famous neon signs that give it its particular identity at night.

Pass the Wellington Arch

This imposing arch can be visited south of Hyde Park .

Take a picture at the Abbey Road Crosswalk

Famous for appearing on the cover of a Beatles album . You can visit this and other famous streets of London totally free.Attend the Barbican Center