One of the ‘world’s best’ cocktail bars in London is opening a second site

Have you been to the Bar With Shapes For a Name, AKA ????????????? The ultra-hipster Hackney drinking den is TikTok’s favourite Manic Pixie Dream Bar, with its staff wearing primary coloured boiler suits mixing elixirs in test tubes giving Willy Wonka’s factory, in the best way. This whimsical spot has gained a name for itself as not just one of the best bars in being one of London’s, and the UK’s, very best bars. Now, the bar has announced it’s opening a second, more affordable venue. 

The Bauhaus-inspired spot owned by Remy Savage and Paul Lougrat is also ranked at 35 in the best bars in the world list. Savage and Lougrat announced they would be expanding Shapes by opening up its production space to the public. 

You’ll actually be able to say the name of the new watering hole. Warehaus (also known as W????RE????????US) will be just down the road from Shapes on the Kingsland Road, and be open for business at the end of April.

The space will still be used as Shapes’ production facility, but after 5pm (when the bell rings to mark the end of the production day) it will serve a rotating menu of cocktails that make use of production by-products. On the menu will be six elementary cocktails that showcase extraction and distillation, alongside three more playful serves, low ABV beers on tap and wine in bags, with all drinks going for £10 or under.

Think of Warehaus as Shapes’ more casual, slightly ramshackle, younger sibling.

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