Paul Foot on his favourite view in all of London

Paul Foot, the comedian, is a man known for flights of fantasy, imaginative leaps of faith and quasi-magical utterances. So it’s no surprise then, that the veteran performer has a favourite view of London that looks like something from another time.

‘Not many people really go to St James’ Park,’ he says on this week’s episode of the ‘Love Thy Neighbourhood’ podcast. ‘And it has that amazing view, where you look across and see the Foreign Office or whatever it is. It looks like a kind of castle.’

The eastward view, from the park’s Blue Bridge, is of the Whitehall Court Building from an oblique angle, which creates a surreal cluster of Neo-gothic and classical spires and domes. If you haven’t seen it, it’s really quite alarming.

‘It looks like Disney World, just so fantastical,’ says Paul. ‘It’s framed by the trees and by the water, and you see Westminster right by it, and you get it all just at the right angle and it looks like some fantasy world.’

Want to hear Paul rhapsodise about his favourite neighbourhood in London? Tune in to this week’s ‘Love Thy Neighbourhood’ podcast and do just that.

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