Piccadilly Circus could be getting a new rooftop bar

Soon, there could be a rooftop bar above the Piccadilly Circus lights. On June 8, Westminster City Council met to consider an application to open a mega multi-bar and restaurant venue at the world-famous landmark. 

In a bid to make the central London roundabout a location rather than a thoroughfare, the proposed building would include four venues, including a three-floor restaurant and bar, named ‘The Devonshire Arms’, a sports bar, a pub and a rooftop restaurant and bar with stunning views of London’s skyline.

The Met Police, however, aren’t so keen on the joint opening. The force raised concerns that an increase in drinking venues could lead to more crime and disorder in Piccadilly, putting pressure on the emergency service. 

PC Dave Morgan, who spoke on behalf of the Met, said: ‘This area of Shaftesbury Avenue is already saturated with licensed premises, it’s taking a real toll on the police at the moment, crime levels are now higher than pre-Covid levels.’

Locals have had mixed opinions. One resident told MyLondon the new eating and drinking spots could help improve Soho’s reputation. They said: ‘The application is a very good one because I know [the applicant’s] establishments have a very good reputation and are of good quality. It will attract the kind of people to the area we want to have.’

Others weren’t so happy about the possibility of even more late-night revellers in the already busy area. In a survey of nearby residents that was submitted as evidence against the venues, one person wrote: ‘Unfortunately my lack of sleep due to noise has caused serious health issues and I now cannot work and suffer anxiety and depression. I’m woken up on average five times per night and have considered suicide.

‘Why I’m being denied sleep between the hours of 11pm and 7am astonishes me. The freeholders show a total disrespect to the effects that noise has on the residents of Soho.’

The committee is expected to publish its decision on all four venues this week. 

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