Piccadilly has had a dazzling technicolour glow-up

A colourful flag display designed by artist Rana Begum RA has been unveiled in Piccadilly today.

The artwork, titled ‘No.1273 Flag’, is made up of mosaic-patterned flags in bold pinks, blues, greens and oranges. The geometric patterns are apparently inspired by Islamic art and architecture.

You’ll be able to spot the eye-catching display hanging in central London from May 30 until August 20. The vibrant flags have been designed to celebrate Art of London’s 2023 summer season, called ‘The Art of Entertainment’, in partnership with the Royal Academy of Arts. 

Rana Begum said: ‘It’s a privilege to work on this project and bring the colour and vibrancy of art out of galleries and into Piccadilly. The theme “Art of Entertainment” suggests energy and dynamism, celebrating dance, music and theatre.

‘I wanted to use colour and geometry to capture this movement in my designs. As you move through the space the composition and colours shift to create a successive rhythm of tone and form. There’s a unifying melody that runs through the work, using repetition to suggest the possibility of the infinite.’

Mark Williams, director of Art of London, said: ‘Every year we look forward to bringing new and exciting public art to the streets of the West End for all to enjoy. We’re thrilled to kick start this in 2023 with such bright and beautiful flags designed by Rana Begum RA, to reflect the cultures and diversity of the world below in the heart of Piccadilly.’

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