Revealed: the seating plan for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour at Wembley Stadium

Swifties, you’re gonna have to have been pretty Fearless to have successfully fought your way to the front of that Ticketmaster queue for Taylor’s Eras Tour in the UK. But alas, the first wave of ticket sale days has passed, and many lucky Londoners will now have a very important date for their 2024 diary. 

The American leg of Taylor Swift’s record-breaking Eras tour wowed fans all over the world with its scale and splendour. And now that we Swifties outside of the US have had the chance to buy our tickets, here is everything you need to know if you’re headed to see Mother at Wembley next summer.

Everything we know so far about Taylor Swift Eras Tour in London.
How to get tickets for Taylor Swift’s 2024 UK Eras Tour

What’s the Taylor Swift Wembley Stadium seating plan? 

Ticketmaster has issued a colour-coded map illustrating the seating plan for Wembley, with three seated areas and three standing areas, and it will remain the same for all shows. 

Front Standing Right – Blue

Front Standing Left – Pink

General Admission Standing – Yellow

Level 1 Reserved Seating – Green

Level 2 Reserved Seating – Purple

Level 5 Reserved Seating – Red

You can also have a look at the view you’ll have with this map, once you have your seat and block number. 

What’s Wembley Stadium’s capacity? 

Wembley is enormous – there’s room enough for 90,000 Swifties. 

How much are Eras Tour tickets in London? 

Now that the first wave of ticket sales has passed, we finally know more about the various prices. Front standing tickets were £172.25, general admission standing tickets were £110.40 and seats ranged from £58.65 to £194.75. Taylor also released six tiers of VIP packages, with the following prices. 

We Never Go Out in Style – £196.60

It’s All A Love Story Package – £222.40

Ready For It Package – £277.40

I Remember It All Too Well Package – £332.40

Karma is My Boyfriend Package – £387.40

It’s Been A Long Time Coming Package – £662.40

When is Taylor Swift playing in London?

Us Londoners have been blessed with six of Taylor’s 13 UK tour dates, the others taking place in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Liverpool. The confirmed dates Taylor will be playing at Wembley in 2024 are June 21, June 22, June 23, August 15, August 16 and August 17.

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