Seapa (aka Allan Mustafa) on his favourite pizza in all of London

Bafta-winning writer and actor Allan Mustafa (who you might know as Seapa) is serious about food. Best known for creating and starring in the phenomenal comedy series ‘People Just Do Nothing’, the born-and-bred Londoner is also deep into his food. So deep that he and two pals started Taste Cadets, a show where they travel around the world eating.

But what about eats that are closer to home? In the latest episode of our podcast ‘Love Thy Neighbourhood‘, we asked Seapa what his favourite pizza in London was. Because everyone likes pizza.

‘I’d say Crisp Pizza, in Hammersmith,’ he says. ‘But, by the way, I’m not one of those people that are just now jumping on the trend. We [the Taste Cadets] were some of the first people to go there, really, and the first people to properly document it. You can ask Carl down at Crisp.’ 

In the last year Crisp Pizza became a word-of-mouth phenomenon after various influencers started calling it the best slice in London. Owner Carl McCluskey does however, credit Seapa and his mates with being the first to raves about his cheesy wares.

‘It’s very thin, very crispy,’ says Seapa. ‘It’s a New York pizza that’s has been, for some reason, really hard to get in London. And he [Carl] has done it so well. He basically did it as a lockdown thing. This pub is called the Chancellor’s in Hammersmith. And he knocks them out of there. He went to New York, he got obsessed, and he came back and just started nerding out on it so much. He got it wrong so many times, until he finally nailed the process.’

If you want to hear Seapa chat about graves, Guinness and garage music (while walking around his favourite neighbourhood,) tune into this week’s ‘Love Thy Neighbourhood’.

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