Storm Jocelyn: here is the exact date and time the next massive storm will hit London

London really has been battered by some pretty terrible weather this winter. From sub-zero temperatures and snow predictions to the gusty winds of Storm Isha over the weekend, we’ve been bundling up, donning waterproofs, and have probably witnessed the death of a fair few umbrellas. 

But January is far from over, and there’s yet another storm on the way. Storm Jocelyn is set to hit London on Tuesday January 23. Yes, today. 

From midday, we should expect strong winds of up to 30 miles per hour, and things will get more blustery throughout the night, with predictions of gusts up to 40mph. Windy conditions will continue into Wednesday (January 24) morning, before settling down again by lunchtime. 

Luckily for us though, London isn’t under any weather warnings, and Jocelyn isn’t set to be as disruptive as Isha was for the capital. For the rest of the UK though, that’s not the case. North and west Scotland are due for the strongest winds (up to 80mph), and there are flood warnings dotted across the country for the next 24 hours. 

Why are we getting so many thunderstorms?

The proximity of Storm Isha and Storm Jocelyn has led meteorologists to describe this as the most active storm season since records began, according to the Guardian. The increased frequency of periods of severe wind and rain is apparently all a consequence of climate change. 

Who names the storms and why?

It’s the Met Office’s responsibility to name the storms, and they do it simply to make coverage easier to follow. The name of each storm follows the alphabet. We had Agnes and Babet back in September and October, and now we’re down to ‘I’ and ‘J’ for Isha and Jocelyn. The names themselves are selected from a shortlist of the public’s faves. 

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