These are the best (and worst) London Underground lines, apparently

Everyone’s got a favourite – and least favourite – tube line. Perhaps your fave London Underground service is the one with the most agreeable temperature, the most loos or the prettiest stations. Or maybe it’s simply the one you rely on the most. 

The latest to chip in with a ranking of London’s beloved subterranean transport network is the Telegraph, which has listed our coloured lines ‘according to science’. A report took into account categories that ranged from accessibility and cleanliness to ‘experience’ and ‘stressfulness’, giving each line a score out of 100.

Top of the pile came the Metropolitan Line. The magenta line, which was London’s first tube route and is the only line with an express service, apparently picked up points for its cleanliness and seating arrangement. The Met was given a score of 57.8.

Second in the Telegraph’s ranking was the District Line, with a score of 57.3, followed by the Jubilee, which received a score of 49.4. The District ranked well because its number of stops, while the Jubilee was praised for its stylish stations.

Bottom of the study came the Bakerloo Line, which got a score of 26.1 and was slammed for its poor connectivity, modernity and general passenger experience. Which is a bit harsh, isn’t it? The way the Bakerloo both deafens you and chucks you around the carriage is all part of its charm.

Here are London’s tube stations ranked in full, according to the Telegraph.

  1. Metropolitan
  2. District
  3. Jubilee
  4. Circle
  5. Victoria
  6. Hammersmith & City
  7. Piccadilly
  8. Central
  9. Northern
  10. Waterloo & City
  11. Bakerloo

You can check out the Telegraph’s list in full here (though it’s behind a paywall). For more rankings of London Underground lines, see this list of the capital’s hottest routes, this list of tube stations with toilets and this list of London’s busiest stations.

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