This essential map shows all 500 pub quizzes in central London

Do you know what your ‘Mastermind’ topic would be? Think you would ace ‘University Challenge’? Listened to every episode of ‘No Such Thing As A Fish’? If you’re enthusiastically nodding your head right now, you probably love pub quizzes, too. Maybe you’re a member of a die-hard team that’s ironically called ‘Quizteama Aguilera’ or perhaps you’ve got a particular knack for identifying celebs based solely on a picture of their ear. Or maybe you’re just a passing quizzer who pops in hoping that your specialist subject, noughties pop, just might crop up in the music round.

Whatever your quizzing style, we’ve got some exciting news. One good samaritan has created a handy interactive map documenting all 517 of London’s pub quizzes. The free-to-use Google map breaks down all central London pub quizzes by venue, day of the week and cost to enter the quiz. 

Alan Evans, the map’s creator, said: ‘There are currently 517 venues listed, and all of these are open to the public, as I didn’t include any quizzes held at private clubs. Inevitably the list will be incomplete as new quizzes are starting all the time, but I was as exhaustive as I could be.

‘Where possible, the map includes start time, cost of entry, prize, and if relevant which of the big quiz companies’ questions it uses. You can also sort it by days of the week.’

Thank you, Alan. 

You can find the map online here.

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