This historic south London park is getting a massive £17.5 million revamp

The famous Grade I-listed dinosaur sculptures in Crystal Palace Park will soon be refurbished as part of a massive £17.5 million regeneration of the south London park. Crystal Palace’s green haven is getting a swanky makeover from HTA Design, the same people behind the Queen Elizabeth II memorial gardens in Regent’s Park

As part of Bromley Council’s £17.5 million regeneration project, plans have been revealed to restore and revitalise many of the Victorian park’s original features which were designed by Sir Joseph Paxton in the 1850s. 

Included in the proposals are a restoration of the Geological Court, which is home to the 30 dinosaur sculptures. When it comes to the landscape, gardeners will remove layers of overgrown vegetation and sediment built up over time to reveal original features. They will also introduce a new layer of rock outcrops, gravel formations and paleo-inspired planting to compliment the prehistoric dinosaurs. The Italian Terraces, which fell into disrepair after the Crystal Palace was destroyed by the 1936 fire, will also be restored and upgraded. Crystal Palace Park 2.0 promises to have improved accessibility and amenities, too. 

‘This is a significant milestone for the Crystal Palace Park Regeneration, not only for restoring its original features, but also creating a park for the future that is climate resilient, biodiverse, inclusive and can cater for a wide range of events and activities,’ said Natalia Roussou, landscape design director at HTA Design.

‘The Phase 1 proposals will celebrate the Geological Court and Italian Terraces, revealing the layers of history in the landscape, and re-establishing an international destination for education and entertainment in line with Paxton’s vision. The landscape design approach maximises park ecosystem service benefits and prioritises accessibility to ensure that the park can be enjoyed by all.’

The restoration work is set to begin in early 2025, but no completion date has been revealed yet. You can read the full renovation plans online here

Here are some pictures of what the renovated Crystal Palace Park will look like. 

CGI aerial image of the renovated Crystal Palace Park
Image: HTA Design
CGI image of Crystal Palace Park's Italian Terrace meadows
Image: HTA Design

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