Two London pubs are the best in the UK, according to the National Pub and Bar Awards 2024

Here at Time Out, we know a lot about a lot about London’s pubs and bars. Beyond our esteemed lists of the best pubs and finest bars, we’ve got rankings of cosy pubs, rooftop bars, gastropubs and much, much more – as well as neighbourhood pub guides across the capital. If you’re after a drink (or two, or three) in the capital, we’re your best bet. 

But other places also rank pubs and bars – and among the most distinguished is the National Pub and Bar AwardsEach year, the National Bar and Pub Association opens applications to pubs from across Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England, before revealing a selection of finalists. The finalists then move on to become ‘county winners’, and from there regional and overall winners are crowned. 

For 2024’s National Pub and Bar Awards, two London drinking joints have been named ‘county winners’. The capital gets two spots for the City of London and Greater London. 

Up first for the City of London is Mr. Fogg’s City TavernDescribed as ​’an eccentric Victorian-style tavern in the heart of The City, serving draught beers, punches, expertly crafted cocktails and traditional British pub grub,’ it’s one of several ‘Mr Fogg’s’ locations around London. Mr. Fogg refers, of course, to Phileas J. Fogg Esq, the nineteenth century explorer known for circumnavigating the world in 80 days.

The collection of bars bearing his name serves classic cocktails as well as more adventurous bevvies, inspired by Fogg’s worldly travels. The City Tavern is special for its interior decor, all unique artefacts donated by the Reform Club, and relaxed vibe, with long wooden tables for punching and pinting.

interior of Mr Foggs
Johnny Stephens Photography

The National Pub and Bar Awards’ winner for Greater London is The Audley. Sat on the corner of South Audley Street and Mount Street in Mayfair, the Audley is a beautifully restored old pub with loads of contemporary art on all its walls and ceiling.

The Audley’s building was designed in 1888 by Thomas Verity, famed nineteenth-century theatre architect. Anyone dropping in for a pint could easily find themselves tempted by the menu, which ranges from half-pints of prawns to London rarebit, and cockle popcorn with malt vinegar. 

Both Mr. Fogg’s City Tavern and The Audley will go on to compete for regional honours and the coveted ‘national pub and bar of the year’ prize at this year’s National Pub and Bar Awards. The ceremony is set to take place on June 26. 

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