You’ve got just a few days left to sign up to take part in London’s new ‘Taskmaster’ live show

Taskmaster is one of the great cult comedy success stories of our time. Initially created by comic and musician Alex Horne as a live show, he sold the idea to the comedy network Dave and the rest is history. Now rehomed on Channel 4, the show – which is presented by Greg Davies with Horne as his assistant – is essentially a sort of very surreal panel show that revolves around and to take a panel programme adaptation of revolving around each season’s batch of celebrities being made to tackle a series of completely ludicrous tasks and challenges.

While still definitely on the cult side of TV programming, it also has a committed army of fans, who’ve been out in force as Taskmaster has announced a return to its live roots. ‘Taskmaster: The Live Experience’ is a live version of the show that will allow the general public to enjoy a slice of the show’s insanity via two different gameplay challenges: Melon Buffet and Absolute Casserole. Running at Dock X in Canada Water for four months, initial demand for it has been so overwhelming that all tickets are being allocated by ballot – a ballot you can still enter, but not for long.

You have until 2pm on Wednesday June 19 to sign up – presumably more like 1.59pm as the draw happens at 2pm. If you succeed the tickets will go on sale two days later.

Whether or not a more conventional sale then happens presumably depends on whether all the tickets get sold. But for now it’s best to assume that the clock is ticking and that your only chance to take part of ‘Taskmaster: The Live Experience’ is if you sign up pronto.

‘Taskmaster: The Live Experience’ is at Dock X Sep 18-Jan 25 2025. You have until 2pm on Wednesday Jun 19 to sign up for the ballot, which you can do here.

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