A fancy new Batman exhibition is coming to London this autumn

Holy nostalgia, Batman! 

Is something that nobody has actually said in any of the phenomenally successful Warner Bros Batman movies that began 35 years ago with Tim Burton’s 1989 ‘Batman’. And sadly new exhibition ‘Batman Unmasked’ will not feature any of the delightfully lurid cloth costumes from the iconically camp ’60s TV show.

Beyond that, though, it sounds like ‘Batman Unmasked’ will have batfans covered, as it swoops in on Covent Garden this autumn for a two month stint that will take in the autumn half-term (following a summer run in Manchester).

Batman Unmasked, 2024
Photo: James Linsell-Clark

The deal is pretty simple: it’s a load of cool props and costumes from the many, many Batman films over the years, running the gamut Michael Keaton’s sleek original suit to Ben Affleck’s virtual walking tank to whatever the hell that thing with nipples that Val Kilmer wore was. There’s also togs from the villains, like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr Freeze costume from ‘Batman & Robin’ and even Joachim Phoenix’s red suit from ‘Joker’. There will also be some actual film vehicles, including the Christopher Nolan-era Tumbler and Batpod.

Will it be great art? Probably not, but it looks like it will be atmospherically displayed in Gothamesque rooms. Are the batsuits cool? Yes, they are cool as heck, and with ‘Batman Unmasked’ you’ll be able to get within nipple tweaking distance of them.

‘Batman Unmasked’ is at 45 Wellington St, Covent Garden, Sep 6-Nov 3. See more information here.

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