A new £10,000 theatre pass will get you into every show in the West End next year

Elaborate marketing gimmick? Ludicrous rich person status symbol? Brilliant value for money if you actually take full advantage of it? Overpriced because you never will?

We can’t answer these questions. But we can tell you that ticketing company TodayTix has launched an extremely eye-catching new offer for next year, called the All You Can Seat Package. It comprises ten individual passes, each costing £10,000, each giving you access to the best stall seats to every show running in the West End in 2024.

There are some caveats: it doesn’t apply to any show running for less than two weeks, you can only see two shows per week, you can only see each show once, for some reason it doesn’t work on Bank Holiday weekends. You’re also going to have to be fine with going to the theatre on your own, or persuading people to buy expensive tickets in order to accompany you.

We haven’t seen precisely what the definition of ‘West End’ is in this stance, but typically it doesn’t include subsidised venues like the National Theatre. But that all accepted, it’s totally legit: you even get a dedicated concierge line to make your bookings, and there’s rebooking protection in case a stat name has to cancel.

Is it good value for money? Yeeeees… if you’re somebody who really goes to theatre a lot and likes to sit in the stalls: seeing all 104 shows, you’ll effortlessly breeze past the £10,000 mark when you consider that a band A ticket to even a long-runner like ‘Les Miserables’ can easily cross the £200 mark. Again, due caveats: you’ll be on your own, you’re going to pretty much have to see every single show in the West End in 2024 to actually hit 104, and it would be a lot cheaper to book your own brilliant but not horrible £50 seats.

Also, of course, if you’re buying it as a present for somebody else, it is clearly a stupendous gift, so long as you’re not going to freak them out by dropping £10k on them.

It’ll be interesting to see how it actually sells; presumably the ten passes pretty much have to be sold by the end of 2023 or the value of the pass starts to drop. But if you’re interested in being one of the ten lucky owners – or heck, go nuts and buy multiple passes – you can email [email protected] to get the ball rolling. 

For more information about the All You Can Seat Package, click here.

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