A new David Attenborough VR experience has launched in London

If the burgeoning world of London VR experiences has hitherto passed you by, here’s a familiar face – and voice – to lure you into trying out Otherworld, the ‘luxury virtual resort’ that has locations in Hackney and Victoria (and for what it’s worth, Birmingham).

Otherworld has just launched the David Attenborough Immersive Anthology, which lets you virtually step into a trio of short 3D films the naturist legend made for Sky a decade or so ago. Only completists are liable to have already seen them, and almost certainly never like this, as you step into your own VR immersion pod and go on a journey that takes in ‘Kingdom of Plants’ (about plants), ‘Micro Monsters’ (insects) and ‘Conquest of the Skies’ (the evolution of flying creatures). 

David Attenborough 3D, 2024
Photo: Otherworld

You’re basically paying £35 to watch a 70-minute documentary – but it should be a documentary like you’ve never seen before, true immersion in our world that goes way beyond staring at a telly screen.

The David Attenborough Immersive Anthology is at Otherworld – book here.

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