A Nutella-themed cafe is coming to London this week

Did you know that Nutella turns 60 years old this year? It’s been six whole decades of chocolatey goodness flying off supermarket shelves and into our mouths by the spoonful. So, it’s no wonder that we’re going nuts (pun intended) for Nutella’s first pop up in Soho.

Nutella is marking its 60th anniversary by opening a spread-themed pop-up in central London. Called the Nutella Smile Cafe, visitors will be able to get their hands on plenty of delicious choc-tastic goodness and limited edition merch. 

Featuring dishes such as Pineapple & Mango Breakfast Waffles, all food will be topped with the recommended serving size of Nutella’s sweet spread (just 15g, if you were wondering – though, admittedly, we’re all probably guilty of eating more than that). You’ll also be able to take home limited edition jars of Nutella celebrating the brand’s 60th birthday.  

Just in time for the end of the May half term, the Nutella Smile Cafe will open its doors on Thursday May 30 and be open until June 1. 

You’ll find the pop-up at 59 Greek Street (W1D 3DZ) and you can confirm a spot by booking a (completely free) ticket on Eventbrite here

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