A shiny new Yayoi Kusama sculpture has appeared outside Liverpool Street station

In recent weeks you might’ve noticed a giant metallic intestinal tract erupting from Liverpool Street’s Elizabeth line entrance. That’s actually the work of Japan’s polka-dot queen Yayoi Kusama. Yep, really. 

The sculpture translates the Japanese artist’s iconic polka-dot theme into an engaging three-dimensional mass. Commuters and visitors can weave through the winding steel structure, which reflects the area’s surrounding towers. The installation was apparently designed in dialogue with Liverpool Street’s local architecture, urging passersby to ‘look up and respond to the urban environment in a new way’.

Entitled ‘Infinite Accumulation’, the sculpture is Kusama’s first permanent public UK installation. This work is the latest addition to the Crossrail Art programme, following Conrad Shawcross’s spiralling bronze sculpture unveiled in summer 2023 by Moorgate’s Lizzy line entrance. 

The ‘Infinite Accumulation’ installation won’t be Kusama’s only permanent UK installation for long, as one of her monumental spotted pumpkins will go on show in Kensington Gardens from July 9. It’s really a summer of Kusama in London: in September the Japanese artist will get a free-to-enter solo exhibition at Victoria Miro Gallery.

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