Airbnb is paying Londoners £100 to rent out a room for the King’s coronation

Bring out the bunting: if you are lucky enough to be a homeowner with rooms that you can legitimately rent out for cash money, and your des res is scheduled to be a bit empty this May 5-8, then it’s time to book out the calendar and get vacuuming (and laminating a very detailed instruction manual). 

The King’s coronation falls on Saturday May 6 and in a bid to encourage Londoners to get in on the expected huge demand for tourist accommodation that weekend, Airbnb has launched a bonus initiative where you can earn £100 in travel coupons, just by hosting your first guest on those dates.

Last year’s Platty Jubes saw a massive uplift in visitors keen to do some royal flag-waving in the capital, and, anticipating demand, Airbnb launched a similar bonus incentive for new hosts. It turned out to be pretty lucrative for London hosts, who collectively earned more than £7 million just over the Jubilee weekend, with the average booking earning more than £500 between June 2-5 2022. That’s the cost of several new laminators.

Amanda Cupples, general manager for Northern Europe at Airbnb explains the rationale:

‘When it comes to significant events this year, it doesn’t get bigger than King Charles’s coronation. As celebrations sweep across the UK and families visit loved ones over the additional bank holiday, Airbnb offers a unique opportunity for locals to benefit by opening their homes. Home sharing helps cities use existing space to scale up their capacity, welcome visitors during peak demand, and empower locals to provide sustainable and affordable accommodation, benefitting the local economy.’

Sounds like King Charles’s coronation, aka Chuckycore, will be a boom time for hosts. If you are interested, and live within the Greater London area then, you can head to and list your space. Gives you somewhere to display those Union Jack cushions and Charles & Di mugs as well. 

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