Aldi is opening two brand-new London stores

Aldi, the UK’s fastest growing supermarket, recently announced 22 areas where it is planning to open new stores across in the UK. And don’t fear, Londoners: you won’t be left out. The budget supermarket’s plans include a couple of brand-new outlets in the capital, too.

And now we know where those new London Aldis are going to be. The two areas listed as ‘high priority’ are Hackney and Kensington

And Aldi isn’t stopping there. Its longer-term plans include 11 more stores in London, on top of the 13 that it already has in the city. Earlier this month, the budget supermarket opened its 1,000th UK store.

The other areas which are slated to soon be graced by the presence of an Aldi are Chiswick, South Ealing, Notting Hill, Chingford, Barnet, Highbury & Islington, Beckenham, Lewisham, Sidcup, Chessington and Twickenham. 

Clearly, the supermarket is doing well. Aldi’s recent jump in popularity could well be down to the cost-of-living crisis, as more and more of us are looking for budget-friendly fixes for our daily spending. It’s thought that Aldi’s share of the market has grown to more than 10 percent, and in 2022 the company achieved record sales of £15.5 million. 

For its new stores, the supermarket is on the hunt for buildings which range from 650 to 3,716 square meters, or land between half an acre and three acres. 

Communications director for the supermarket, Richard Thornton, said to the Evening Standard: ‘We want to make our great value groceries accessible to all, and to do that we need more stores, particularly in towns and areas that don’t have an Aldi already.’

So, it looks like even if you’re not lucky enough to live round the corner from an Aldi right now, that might not be the case for much longer. Hackney and Kensington residents, you lucky, lucky people! 

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