An immersive ‘balloon museum’ will soon open in London

Has London hit peak immersive experience? We’ve got immersive art, theatre, game shows and even an optical illusions museum in the pipeline – but while you can spend entire days in the capital just doing immersive experiences (which we did here), you get the feeling that there’s even more to come. 

And now yet another ‘immersive’ museum has been slated for London. Opening at the end of December, it’ll be called the Balloon Museum and feature lots of – you guessed it – big inflatable balloons.

Like all ‘immersive’ experiences, the Balloon Museum will offer visitors the opportunity to touch and interact with its contents. The Balloon Museum has previously had outposts in both Europe and the US, having welcomed three million visitors – though this is the first time it’s been in London. 

The Balloon Museum will open with an exhibition called ‘EmotionAir: Art You Can Feel’. Featuring the work of 20 artists from around the world, it apparently ‘aims to explore the profound relationship between art and human emotion through the captivating medium of inflatable art’. So, erm, make of that what you will.

It’ll officially open on December 27, taking over a 78,000 square feet space at Old Billingsgate in the City.

Also similar to many other ‘immersive’ things, the Balloon Museum won’t be cheap. Adult tickets will apparently cost £32, while child tickets will be priced at £15.

If you need some colourful stuff for your ‘Gram and you’re feeling flush, you can book an advance ticket to the Balloon Museum online now here.

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