Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium is getting a facelift

The home of the Gunners is getting a swanky makeover ahead of the Premier League restart in 2023. The Arsenal stadium, which was built in 2006, had been due for an upgrade for a while: there have been reports of a leaking roof, while the logos on the outside of the stadium had become worn with age. Sad. Tragic.

The glow-up was supposed to be completed by the end of the World Cup, but it’s now been delayed until January. Arsenal confirmed in November that the eight pieces of exterior art were very close to being complete, after original designs were removed leaving the stadium bare for several weeks. The new artworks will focus more on fans instead of players, which the club hopes will promote a family atmosphere at the ground.

When it is finished, you can expect to see illustrations of supporter group logos and nominated fans blown up on the outside of the mammoth stadium. The new design is set to recognise the Gooners’ historic moments and players. New Arsenal and Emirates crests have also already replaced the old ones which were discoloured. Inside the stadium, new screens were installed during the summer, and work has been done to repair the leaky roof. 

The shiny new Emirates won’t be ready in time for the Arsenal vs West Ham showdown on Boxing Day, unfortunately. But Gunners fans will be able to check out the team’s new digs when it is complete by booking an Emirates stadium tour

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