First look: inside the Piccadilly Line’s new air-conditioned, walk-through trains

New trains on the Piccadilly Line simply cannot come soon enough. While, sure, the navy blue line isn’t technically one of the hottest London Underground services, it feels like one of the grottier, noisier lines. It’s well due a bit of a glow-up.

And it feels like we’ve been waiting for new Piccadilly Line carriages for a pretty long time. First announced back in 2021 (just look how excited we were!), in recent months the swish new trains have been spotted having test runs in Austria and we’ve had a sneak peek at what they might look like on the outside.

These trains will be air-conditioned and more efficient with walk-through carriages and improved accessibility, but it won’t be until 2025 that most of us will actually get to try one out. To keep us keen, however, TfL has now revealed what the insides of the trains will look like – and boy are they fancy.

In a tweet, TfL showed that the trains will be airy and bright, with big, slick screens and, crucially, a new style of moquette. Here is a pic of what the interiors are shaping up to look like. 

New Piccadilly Line trains, London
Photograph: TfL

Pretty cool, eh? As we say, these won’t begin to come into service until 2025 – but that’s sooner than you think! Just a year or so to go…

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