Good news: more loos are coming to the tube

In case you weren’t already aware or haven’t had to learn the hard way, London is desperately lacking public loos. In the summer, a report tragically declared the London Underground a ‘loo desert’ after finding that only 27 percent of our tube stations have toilet facilities. 

Soon though, full-bladdered Londoners won’t be forced to sneak through pub side doors or slip past Maccy D queues in order to get to a lav. Mayor Sadiq Khan said that he’s planning to put a massive £3 million towards installing new toilets at TfL stations. 

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said that Sadiq ‘recognises the importance of free and accessible public toilets for Londoners’ and that TfL is currently in the process of studying its stations to get a better understanding of where the new loos would be best-placed. 

It’s a big win for the London Assembly Green Party leader, Caroline Russell, who’s been campaigning for more WCs for years and headed up the ‘loo desert’ study. In the past she has called for £20m to be put towards the cause but still said that the £3m that has been pledged is a ‘huge relief to customers’ (pardon the pun).

She added: ‘​​Public toilets aren’t just a matter of convenience – for many Londoners, knowing there are clean, safe, and accessible toilets on the tube can be the difference between saying yes to the event, going to the shops, or simply visiting friends.’ 

While we wait to find out which tube stops will be blessed with new bogs, you can discover which stations already offer bathrooms facilities here

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