Hammersmith Bridge is getting a £3 million permanent cycle lane

Hammersmith Bridge has been closed to vehicles for the past five years. Yep, five years. While at one point some thought the bridge might never reopen to road traffic, back in February the Thames crossing temporarily reopened to cyclists and small electric scooters. And now there’s more good news, as the Hammersmith Bridge is getting a permanent cycling lane. 

The government has pledged the tidy sum of £2.9 million for a new cycle lane, which is set to open by November of this year. The bridge’s current makeshift cycle lanes will soon close while the permanent lane is constructed.

While the bridge has always been accessible to bicyclists, previously there was no separation from pedestrians. Cyclists were often required to dismount and push. The proposed new plan will create a permanent barrier, partitioning walkers from wheelers. The Department of Transport says it will be a ‘significant upgrade’ to the current cycle lanes. 

As for fully repairing Hammersmith Bridge? We have some less-good news. It still remains to be seen who will foot the £250 million bill to completely restore the bridge. A whopping £13 million has been spent by the government on structural repairs over the last few years, while TfL has spent £18 million on assessments, inspections, designs and surveys, and the local council has apparently spent £28.5 million. The council says it is unable to pay for all the necessary repairs. 

So, the Hammersmith Bridge saga continues! Cyclists and pedestrians, enjoy sailing over a fume-free bridge while you still can. Motorists, let’s hope local politicians can sort themselves out sooner rather than later. 

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