It’s going to snow in London next week

Ordinarily, the prospect of a bit of snow in the capital gladdens our hearts. But the cost-of-living crisis has changed all that. After a week of sub-zero temperatures, snow is forecast for next week. The freezing weather will hit hardest the tens of thousands of Londoners already steeling themselves for a winter of choosing between heating their homes and eating, with Christmas a distant third. So, what are the chances of imminent city snows? 

Is it going to snow in London next week?

It looks very likely. The Met Office is forecasting snow showers in the capital from Sunday morning, with up to 10cm expected in some areas. It will be accompanied by at least another week of freezing cold, with temperatures falling as low as -10C in parts of the Southeast. There will also be hazardous conditions including freezing fog, which could affect travel.

What does snow mean for London?

Transport disruption and big heating bills. That’s on top of the unions telling people not to come into London next week because of the strike action on the trains, so even if you’re lucky enough to have a nice warm office as your place of work, you can’t spend your day there, you have to sit at home and burn cash, wear four jumpers or freeze. Sort-of joking apart, this is very bad news for London’s poorest and most vulnerable. The Met has already issued an official health warning, with the National Energy Agency telling the i: ‘many vulnerable people are being forced to choose between unhealthy heat rationing and crushing levels of debt agency’.  

What about the rest of the UK?

Some areas of the country have already seen snow this month, including Scotland. More is forecast to be on the way for them too. See full details for the rest of the UK

Will we get a white Christmas in London this year?

Unlikely. Statistically, it generally snows more often in the capital in the early months of the year from January to March, and frankly, a few of us wouldn’t say no to an unseasonably warm winter, thanks very much.

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