It’s official; the UK’s most popular food markets are in London

A new survey has proved what we knew already; the most popular food markets in the UK are (mostly) all in London!

The winner, by a rather long way, was Borough Market, the jewel in London’s foodie crown, with Broadway Market in east London and Seven Dials Market – a food court in Covent Garden – taking second and third spots.

The info comes from business banking company Capital on Tap, who have done some research into 50 food markets across the UK and looked at the cold, hard data, from Google search volume to the amount of TikTok and Instagram posts about each location to find out which markets people were most interested in. 

Boxpark Shoreditch, Brixton Village Market and Maltby Street Market in Southwark also made the Top 10. Borough Market’s ranking was boosted by the likes of Humble Crumble, a pudding stall in the historic food market which has a massive 21.5 million TikTok views. With a massive 301,000 monthly Google searches, it easily topped the Google search rankings, with Broadway Market – the second in the list – scoring 33,100 views a month.

Broadway Market’s most viral stall is currently Emerald Eats, an Irish street food stand that serves up chicken fillet rolls and spice bags (salt and pepper chicken and chips with peppers, onions and curry sauce) and has 15.4 million TikTok views. Seven Dials Market got slightly more Google searches, with 60,500 keen eaters checking it out online every month, but lagged behind Broadway Market when it came to Instagram and TikTok posts. 

The full Top 10 is:

1. Borough Market, Southwark, London

2. Broadway Market, Hackney, London

3. Seven Dials Market, Covent Garden, London

4. Harewood House, Leeds

5. Boxpark Shoreditch, London

6. Brixton Village Market, London

7. St George’s Market, Belfast

8. Mackie Mayor, Manchester 

9. Maltby Street Market, Southwark, London

10. Baltic Market, Liverpool


These are the best food markets in London, according to us, Time Out! 

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