It’s official: two of Britain’s best Sunday roasts are in London

With snow already floating down over London this week, there aren’t many heartier, cosier ways to warm up than with a good old-fashioned Sunday roast. And while sure, London has plenty of pubs rustling up crispy potatoes and slurp-worthy gravy, there are some that are a steak-knife cut above the rest. 

Now Instagram roast-rating account RateGoodRoasts has stepped in with a brand-new list of the UK’s best roasts – and it’s almost as good as ours. The Insta account trawls the UK to review Sunday lunches and you gotta give it to them, they are thorough. 

Meat, vegetables, potatoes, gravy, sides, drinks, venue, value, service and, of course, Yorkshire puddings are all assessed by RateGoodRoasts, which gives each roast a percentage score. The account just revealed its list of the best roasts in all of the UK for 2024 – and, excitingly, two of them are in London. 

Ranking at number five was The Elgin, a stylish west London pub that scored 94 percent. Its menu boasts six roast options, and reviewers on Google often commend its beer selection and atmosphere. 

Coming in at number eight was Jones & Sons x Madame Pigg in Dalston, which scored 91 percent. While the collab is sadly now over, Jones & Sons is still serving up delicious roasts every Sunday. 

The CEO (which in this instance stands for Chief Eating Officer – what a title) Tom Casson said that ‘There’s something romantic about a Sunday Roast. It’s an event. Whether it’s an opportunity to see old friends or a family celebration of some kind, you don’t want to be let down. As an adult, it almost feels like you’re going out on a Sunday.’

Stomach rumbling? You can use the Rate Good Roasts interactive map to have a look at previous top ten alumni. You can read about the very best Sunday roast in Britain here and, of course, have a look at Time Out’s very own London roast roundup too.

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