London Albert Bridge closures next week: dates and everything you need to know

One of London’s most beautiful bridges, the princess-y pink and white one that goes between Chelsea and Battersea, will have to close soon for repairs. Drivers will have to say goodbye to crossing the glorious Albert Bridge from for a few days in May and June when it gets vital maintenance works. Drivers have been warned to seek alternative routes, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the Albert Bridge closure. 

When is London’s Albert Bridge closed in May and June?

Albert Bridge will be shut in both directions from 7am on May 28 until 7am on June 1.

Why is it closing?

Old Albert is getting some much-needed repairs done. Some of the individual timber panels along the Grade II-listed structure will be replaced, while its ornamental features (called festoons) and lighting will also have work done. 

Has it ever closed before?

Yes, the pink bridge has closed for repairs many times since it was built in 1873. Albert Bridge last closed in October 2023 for essential safety and maintenance works. 

How bad will the impact be?

The council is doing what it can to mitigate the impact of the bridge closure. There will be diversions for drivers but the bridge will still be open for pedestrians at all times. Work will be taking place on the pavements but it will be in stages to allow people to cross on foot. Cyclists are encouraged to dismount. 

Cem Kemahli, lead member of planning and public realm at the council, said: ‘Albert Bridge is an icon of the London skyline but it’s also an important river crossing. As a responsible guardian of the bridge, it’s crucial that we undertake essential maintenance so we can keep the bridge in good health and keep it operational now and in the future.

‘We’re sorry for the short-term inconvenience this will cause to some drivers and their journeys and we hope we can limit some of this by doing the work during the half term holidays.’

What’s the advice for drivers?

Drivers are warned that their journeys might take a bit longer than usual. A diversion will be in place for vehicles via Chelsea Bridge or Battersea Bridge. The council has also reminded the drivers of goods vehicles to avoid the bridge at all times if they weigh more than the three-tonne limit in place since January this year.

Elsewhere, the Blackwall Tunnel is closing for four weekends in May and June. And there will be disruptions on the Overground too, with closures between Cheshunt, Chingford and Liverpool Street throughout May and June. 

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