London is getting the UK’s biggest kebab shop

Ever wondered where the biggest kebab shop in the UK is? Well, from December 21 it’ll be bang in the middle of Oxford Street.

Kebhouze will be a three-story tribute to the noble kebab, with not just the opportunity to buy and eat trad ’babs, but a kebab-themed arcade with kebab video games and kebab-inspired art by British artist Philip Colbert aka The Lobster, who has made a 7m long installation on the second floor. Intense? You bet. 

The menu will include kebab wraps, kebab burgers and kebab bowls, with four different kebab meats on offer; chicken, veal & turkey and beef as well as a pea-protein vegan alternative called ‘planted’. Toppings will include bacon, olives and cheddar cheese.

Kebhouze is the brand’s first UK opening after launching 24 stores in two years across Italy and Spain. The first opened in Milan in December 2021.

Oliver Zon, general manager at Kebhouze said of the London branch: ‘When it comes to the UK, you either go big or you go home. We of course decided to do one better than that and go for the biggest, opening the nation’s largest ever kebab house.’

Prices have not yet been revealed, but Zon says Kebhouze will offer cheap food considering the central London location. He continued: ‘Our three floor store on Oxford Street is one of a kind; an immersive kebab house packed with entertainment for all ages. Our mission is to ensure Londoners can enjoy kebab in an entertaining and fun setting – all while keeping costs low and quality high.’

159 Oxford Street, W1D 2JL 

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