London named as one of the world’s best cities for coffee

Alright, coffee-holics, gather ’round because we’ve got some piping hot news for you. Food & Wine Magazine recently dropped its list of the top ten cities that are great for coffee, and guess who snagged the eighth spot? That’s right, our beloved London! Cue the applause and celebratory sips of espresso. Copenhagen topped the list, with Tokyo and Sydney hot on its heels in the top three.

Now, if you haven’t yet embarked on a caffeinated journey through our fair city, let me paint you a picture of what you’re missing out on. London‘s coffee scene isn’t just good – it’s downright spectacular. Posh cafes, aromatic brews, and vaguely aloof barristers. Intrigued? You should be.

There’s some obvious favorites that get a mention in the list. Monmouth Coffee Company, which is practically a pilgrimage site for caffeine enthusiasts – would have been impossible to overlook. Next is Redemption Roasters, a coffee shop where ex-inmates are given a chance to learn the art of coffee roasting and barista skills. Talk about a brew-tiful initiative. Lastly, Climpson & Sons, this place isn’t just about serving up top-notch coffee; it’s about doing it with style and sustainability in mind.

But hey, London’s coffee scene isn’t all about the big names. Nope, it’s the little gems scattered across the city that really give it that extra kick. Whether you’re cosying up in a neighborhood café or stumbling upon a trendy pop-up, there’s always something new and exciting brewing in London.

The best cafe’s in London

The best coffee shops in London

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