‘Love Thy Neighbourhood’ is Time Out’s brilliant new podcast

Time Out has a brand new, weekly podcast and you can subscribe to it right now. ‘Love They Neighbourhood’ is a series in which famous Londoners show our editor Joe Mackertich around their favourite bits of London. Expect funny stories, old pubs, a bit of actual history and quite a lot of sincere conversation about chips. 

Each week someone interesting gives Joe a guided tour around a neighbourhood that means a lot to them. Four locations, with a bit of chit-chat en route to each one, always finishing up in a pub. Interested in what Bimini makes of Bankside? Need Chloe Petts to justify her abiding love of Streatham? Fascinated by the prospect of Joe and Doc Brown drinking four pints of Guinness on the Kilburn High Road? This is very much the pod for you.

‘This is probably the greatest podcast that ever happened,’ says Joe. ‘You can trust that because, like all Londoners, I am unfailingly, ruinously honest. If you like this city, enjoy ambient traffic noise and can tolerate long debates about the merits of Victoria Park as compared to Hampstead Heath you will enjoy ‘Love Thy Neighbourhood’ a lot.’

Sponsored by FreeNow, the mobility super app, ‘Love Thy Neighbourhood’ will show you sides to London you never knew existed. Subscribe now for a new guest and a new neighbourhood every single week.

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