Revealed: Britain’s poshest villages near London

When you think posh, where springs to mind? Chelsea? Westminster? Pretty much anywhere in central London in the year 2024? 

There’s a lot of money in and around the capital these days, but simply having money does not a posh-person make. There’s more to it than that. In fact, the poshest of the posh don’t live in cities at all, they collect in little villages which usually have names that are obnoxiously English. The Telegraph knows this, and has taken upon itself to unmask the fanciest towns in each county, and a few of them are pretty close to the capital. 

Berkshire’s Sunningdale featured, where the average house price is an upsetting £1.46 million. The Telegraph highlighted its great connections to London, high-end French cuisine, and Waitrose as reasons for it taking the title, describing it as perfect for ‘those moving out of London who still want urban lifestyle amenities but also to be on the doorstep of open countryside.’

Medmenham was the winner in Buckinghamshire thanks to its historical significance and quality nearby schools. As well as being the last remaining riverside village in the county, it is home to two very old churches, with one even dating back to the 12th century. Once again houses go for, on average, £1.4 million, so you have to be a proper fan of church ruins to shell out the cash and make the move. 

Essex’s top spot was claimed by Ramsden Bellhouse, which doesn’t have so much going for it. It’s got good schools and is close to London, and that’s sort of it. Houses are slightly cheaper, at only £1 million on average. What a steal. 

Winchester somehow managed to evade being Hampshire’s poshest locale, losing out to Beaulieu, the country’s most expensive village, where the average house costs just shy of £1.8 million. It’s got a lot to say for itself, which is good considering it isn’t very close to anywhere of note, the nearest city being Southampton, a half-hour drive away. Beaulieu’s 16th century high street is pretty picturesque, and the Telegraph spotlights its selection of ‘artisan shops’ as a highlight. If that’s not posh, we don’t know what is. 

Home of suburbanites who like to claim they live in London, Surrey’s pick was Shackleford, nearby to Guildford. In Kent, Surrey’s closest sibling by both geography and vibes, Ightham took the crown, being the only village thus far to have an average house price of less than £1 million. 

According to the Telegraph, the most ‘affordable’ posh town in a Home County was Studham in Bedfordshire, where you can nab a house for only £770,000. It’s home to a Tudor era pub, some good primary schools, and nice hiking paths. 

Here is the full list of the poshest villages near London, according to the Telegraph

The poshest villages near London

  • Studham, Bedfordshire
  • Sunningdale, Berkshire
  • Medmenham, Buckinghamshire
  • Hemingford Abbots, Cambridgeshire
  • Kingston-near-Lewes, East Sussex
  • Ramsden Bellhouse, Essex
  • Beaulieu, Hampshire
  • Little Gaddesden, Hertfordshire
  • Ightham, Kent
  • Harpsden, Oxfordshire
  • Walberswick, Suffolk
  • Shackleford, Surrey
  • West Itchenor, West Sussex

It’s lucky that London wasn’t included in the study, as there’s probably too many areas to choose from. And if you’re curious what the poshest places outside of London’s immediate vicinity are, we’ve got you covered with the Telegraph’s UK-wide list of the country’s poshest villages here.

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