Revealed: the London Underground stations most affected by lift closures

Hopping on the tube is something loads of Londoners do every day, but recently it’s been plagued by a fair few hiccups – just think of the delays on the Central line, plus all the confusion with various strikes planned for the coming weeks

But the London Underground’s inconveniences don’t stop there. It’s been reported that a lack of trained staff in tube stations has led to pretty significant numbers of lift closures across the network.

Rob Blackie, the Lib Dem candidate for London Mayor, made a freedom of information request which revealed a fivefold increase in the amount of time lifts have been out of action between 2021 and 2022. That increased by a further 34 percent in 2023. 

In real time, the total number of time that lifts were out of action in 2021 was 499 hours. In 2022, that rose to 2,460 hours, and by 2023 it shot up to 3,301 hours – that’s about 137 days, or roughly 19 weeks. 

And these were the stations that were particularly affected (although the stats don’t include lift closures due to engineering failures). 

  • West Finchley (703 hours in 2023)
  • Wimbledon Park (348)
  • Harrow and Wealdstone (348)
  • Osterley (247.5)
  • Mill Hill East (204)
  • Southfields (196)

Blackie told MyLondon: ‘The accessibility and reliability of public transport are essential for a thriving and inclusive city, and it is imperative that steps are taken to ensure that all commuters can travel safely and conveniently.’

However, the Mayor of London’s office has responded to these revelations. ‘Sadiq is committed to making our city as fair and accessible as possible so that every Londoner can make the most of it,’ said a spokesperson, ‘Since [he] became mayor, the proportion of step-free access Tube stations has increased from a quarter to a third, and [a plan developed by TfL’s Independent Disability Advisory Group] will increase this to half.’

It was announced that three more London tube stations are going step-free back in February, after funding was requested for 10 stations back in the summer. In fact, you can read more about TfL’s plans to make tubes and buses more accessible here.

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