The first single, “Sunshine,” is out now.

Romare’s third album is being released on July 31st through Ninja Tune. Home is the first Romare full-length since 2016’s Love Songs: Part Two. The first single, “Sunshine,” is out today. “For me, the sweet point in music is when happy and sad come together,” says Romare, real name Archie Fairhurst When they meet in the middle, that’s what I try to create.” Fairhurst says the album’s themes centre on spirituality, identity and belonging. “Identity and a sense of belonging is something I’ve been searching for more since becoming a father,” he says.
Listen to “Sunshine.”
Tracklist 01. Gone 02. Dreams 03. Sunshine 04. The River 05. Deliverance
06. High 07. You See 08. Heaven 09. Home
Ninja Tune will release Home on July 31st, 2020.