The three-track EP is out now.

Sähkö Recordings’ first release of 2020 features previously unheard remixes of Pan Sonic by Zoviet France and Muslimgauze.
The untitled remixes date back to 1996—around the time the Finnish duo of Mika Vainio and llpo Väisänen released their 1996 Panasonic LP, Kulma—and were essentially forgotten after the label received them. They were discovered 23 years later on a DAT tape, and both Väisänen and Zoviet France’s Ben Ponton agreed they should be released.
The EP, simply titled Remix, features Zoviet France on one side and two remixes from Muslimgauze on the other. It’s not clear what material they’re reworking.
You can listen to clips over at Boomkat.
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Tracklist 01. Zoviet France Remix
02. Muslimgauze Remix 1
03. Muslimgauze Remix 2
Remix is out now via Sähkö Recordings.