Someone has created a tube map that’s ‘fairer’ for south London

A young tube fan, Felix Dennis, has declared transport justice for south London, which has notoriously bad Underground connections. He’s created an idealised tube map that’s ‘fairer to south London’, adding tons of new stops in Dulwich, Croydon, Bromley and many more postcodes. 

On the reimagined map, the Bakerloo line extends all the way down to Hayes in Kent, while the Central line goes as far as Coulsdon. The Circle line is shown going via Brixton, Peckham and Denmark Hill, and the Northern line ventures all the way to Epsom. He’s also imagined a clever new south London addition to the Elizabeth line, in which it connects to Gatwick as well as Heathrow.

The 15-year-old has also ingeniously added a neon-green tram line, importantly with stops at Thorpe Park and ‘Chessington theme park’, around the entire circumference of Greater London. Helen Barrett, Felix’s mum, said: ‘He’s extended the tram network to north London “for north London buy-in”.’

People are on-board with the south London extension. One person tweeted: ‘Even as a north Londoner, this is fantastic!’ While another added: ‘Loving the Elizabeth line southern branch… masterful!’

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